12 naughty christmas undertones to make him crazy …

It’s Christmas, baby. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And of course, like everything beautiful, to make it even better, it is worth…
flanked by abundant and good bed! And innuendo, I’ll add it… Why? But for the reason that they have strong and captivating effect, and it would be good to use it to express yourself, before you get to the “action”.
This Christmas well, it’s the opportunity to truly let go of the limits and resistances. Try to express the hot rude your side and things will be quite fun, while it will give a spicy taste in your life.
Talking with innuendo is a form of game in bed and here’s what they could fit in the temper of the sign, in order to have the best possible experience.
RAM – THE “wolf”
Hat did you wear?
TAURUS – THE “hedonist”
– Come on, baby, eat it –
-What did you say?
– I say come see the manger
TWIN – THE “trickster”
Santa Claus, this year I was a naughty girl…
CANCER-“I love women’s breasts”
Nice balls. To catch up a little bit?
LEON-THE “demonstrative”
Come to tear the… wrapper from the gift.
VIRGO – THE “keen on clean”
Just don’t throw it in her hair…the snow
ZYGOS – “nice Greek lover”
Will you come over to show you my collection of nativity scenes in?
SCORPIO – THE “nasty”
I’ll put you down, I’ll turn the lights on
SAGITTARIUS – THE adventurous
I have a sled, go for a walk
CAPRICORN – “I know what I want”
You put the coin in the pie?
AQUARIUS – THE “inventive and original”
The you sprinkle the out it?
A pisces – THE “get a drink”
To… drink?