10 useful tips for having better WiFi in your home

Surely there are times when you feel that when you are at home, browsing websites, viewing a video or browsing social media can be very slow. If you feel that sometimes your home has become unbearable, there are ways to control your Internet speed, but also to improve it. Read some simple ways you can try, to improve the reception and enhance the WiFi signal at home, such as updates to EETT. – Place the router in an elevated position, e.g. on a locker or shelf, at the central point of your home, to achieve a greater signal range. – Avoid placing the router near windows, so that the signal is not lost outside your space. – Remove objects, especially metal, in front or next to the router, so that the WiFi signal is not blocked. – Place the router away from wireless transmission sources, such as wireless phones and intercom devices, because they may create interference with your signal. – If the router has one or more antennas, move them in different directions, aiming at the points where you want to improve the signal. – Use signal expansion/covering devices (powerline adapters, repeaters, extenders), always bearing the indication “CE”, at the points where the signal is weak. – If the router has no setting for automatically optimal channel selection, try selecting channel with less use. – Change your default router passwords and set a new powerful password to protect your home network in case someone tries to use your connection. – You often change your password. – Restart the router button on/off at regular intervals.