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Πελεκούδας: “Have a serious problem of survival”

A letter to the Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Panagiotis Κουρουμπλή, sent by the… deputy Mayor of Health, Social Policy and Welfare Dimitris Πελεκούδας, with a request for “an early grant from CAP, year 2015 for the payment of welfare benefits, for the months of November and December 2015”, in order for the beneficiaries, who anyway have a serious problem of survival, to meet the most elementary level with the holidays coming up, the immediate needs.
The letter is as follows:
“Mr. Minister,
We would like to inform you that upon assessment of the needs of 5.200 people who are enrolled in welfare programs in the prefecture of Achaia and is serviced by the departments of Social Welfare of the Municipality, the largest percentage of beneficiaries of welfare benefits, live in extreme poverty and are unable to meet immediate living needs (food, housing, clothing, health care).
The family environment of επιδοματούχων is unable to support them due to unemployment, and in most cases entire families maintained solely by the welfare benefits.
For these reasons, we ask that you please arrange to expedite the grant of the Municipality of Patras from CAP year 2015, for the payment of welfare benefits to the beneficiaries, for the months of November and December 2015, so that beneficiaries with the holidays coming up, feel the social care and to cover element of their immediate needs”.

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