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Λαξεύοντας the stones in a special way! [photos]

The Hirotoshi Itoh graduated from the National University of Fine Arts of Tokyo in 1982 and initially worked in the family…
business as a stonemason. At the same time, dealt with the metal, which was the love of his life, as he says, until she discovered the pebbles and… immediately fell in love!
“Since I was a kid I grew up inside the stone. Take your chisel and carve various images on their surface, although the metal was always very high on my agenda. The pebbles I found out later from a random event. A friend of mine collected them from the beaches and used to make beautiful structures.”

That’s it! The Hirotoshi Itoh started endless walks on the banks of rivers and shores, collecting pebbles of different sizes. With great patience and perseverance, poking around eye-catching designs on the stones, which refer to objects of everyday use!

Wallets with coins, cards, cans, even a shirt, a dress or a knife, they take “flesh and bones” in the stone, impressing both with the imagination of the artist and with the final result.

“My purpose is to introduce various familiar objects, that we all use in our daily lives, in a clear confrontation with the original shape and hardness of the material,” says the artist.